Communication and Notifications

St. George International School and Preschool is not liable according to the Tuition contract to inform in writing, via telephone or email for issued invoices, paid amounts, due and outstanding amounts. Each parent should inform oneself in a timely manner through online “e-Payment Portal” for liabilities emerged in compliance with the signed Payment Plan.

Nevertheless, the system automatically sends email messages:

– on 30th of each month for outstanding amounts;

– 3 /three/ days before any due date in line with the Payment Plan, in order to avoid delay and calculation of penalties.

Should you have any urgent questions, you can send an email to: or


Information regarding due amounts and dates is available in the:

– Payment Plan;

– Invoices issued by the school/preschool;

– Personal profiles in the platform where you can see in detail each document issued as well as a statement for outstanding amounts to a certain period.