Services provided by the e-Pay Portal

Payment of invoices issued on the occasion of execution of a tuition contract of a child and/ or of a pupil at “St. George” Preschool and/ or “St. George” International School.

How will the payment be made?

You may pay the due amounts online by a credit/ debit card or by PayPal. Payment of the due amounts is made following the order of their receiving.

To which companies I can make payment?

A User can make payment to the following traders: “ST. GEORGE” INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL EOOD, UIC 204426056 and “ST. GEORGE” PRESCHOOL EOOD, UIC 204425901.

Confidentiality of the data

At and on the occasion of using the Portal and the services it offers, the Preschool/ the International School will process data about the users pursuant to the Confidentiality and Personal Data Protection Policy of the e-pay Portal. In case a change of the specified in the registration form data occurred, the User is obliged to duly and timely update the information in its client profile, in the provided for that purpose place, or to contact us for assistance in making this change.

How to contact us?

Please e-mail us at reception@stgeorgeschool.eu

Who are the users of the Portal?

Portal users are parents/ guardians of a child at St. George Preschool or of a pupil at “St. George” International School. No registration of users-legal entities is performed.

How is the Portal accessed?

Following a registration by an administrator of the International School/ the Preschool and creation of a “User’s Profile”. The user’s profile is created to an e-mail of a parent/ guardian of a child/ pupil, who attends “St. George” Preschool and/ or “St. George” International School. The Administrator of the Preschool/ the International School creates a User’s Profile and sends notification by e-mail to the parent/ guardian to confirm the activation of his/ her profile in the Portal. The User should enter the Portal, then choose and enter a password. The access to all the services from the Portal is performed by means of a combination of the electronic address and the password, given by the user.