How is the Portal accessed?

Following a registration by an administrator of the International School/ the Preschool and creation of a “User’s Profile”. The user’s profile is created to an e-mail of a parent/ guardian of a child/ pupil, who attends “St. George” Preschool and/ or “St. George” International School. The Administrator of the Preschool/ the International School creates a User’s Profile and sends a notification by e-mail to the parent/ guardian to confirm the activation of his/ her profile in the Portal. The User should enter the Portal, then choose and enter a password. Access to all the services from the Portal is performed by means of a combination of the electronic address and the password, given by the user. The access to the platform is via the school website, section “For parents”, where the following submenus are accessible:

– “Shkolo Parents profile” – where you can find information about your child and the school.

– “e-Payment Portal”- where you can find information for payments as well as to pay due amounts.

– “Activities” – where you could request extracurricular activities after the regular school day as well as to see the necessary information.