What kind of financial information is available in the portal?

Here you may find our information for all issued documents /invoices/ for due amounts about:

– Tuition fee, according to the Payment Plan, an integral part of the contract;

– Educational resources and exams fee;

– Food fee;

– Fresh fee, in line with the requested consumption by the parent/guardian;

– Extracurricular activities fee, in line with the activities requested by the parent/guardian;

– Green and white school according to the programme, requested by the parents/guardians;

– Individual care fee upon request by the parents/guardians or fee for stay after the end of the school day;

– Other, including charges for water, protective mask, access cards, uniforms, school accessories, textbooks that are not returned, material damages caused by the student, etc.;

– Guarantee deposit, included in the Payment plan and due within 3 days from signing of a tuition contract. Upon transition from the preschool to the school the deposit is transferred from the preschool into the school.