Admission and signing of tuition contracts

  • The tuition fees for the upcoming academic year, the deferred payment options and the deadline for tuition contract signing will be published until the end of February, as the procedure is described in details in the General Terms and Conditions, an integral part of the Tuition Contract.


  • Every single tuition contract, elaborated and provided to the parents/guardians along with a Payment Plan affirming particular due dates for payment of any fee, which is an integral part of the tuition contract, should be signed within the stated deadlines.


  • If the parents/guardians fail to sign a contract and/or Payment Plan within the stated deadline and do not make payment, the school is not obliged to keep the place and is entitled to offer it to another student.


  • After a positive admission statement the following documents will be signed as follows:


– Filled in Enrolment Application by the parents/guardians;

– Tuition Contract and General Terms and Conditions and Payment Plan, which are signed via online platform.

  • Upon signing of a tuition contract for the next academic year an application with updated personal data and Payment Plan should be signed within the given deadline.


  • In case of signed contract for a stage of education, a Payment Plan for the next academic year should be signed. In case the parents/guardians fail to sign a Payment plan within the deadline set by the Admission Department, the school is not obliged to keep the place and may terminate the contract.


  • Each parent/guardian should provide a bank account for all money transfers, including reimbursement of overpaid and undue amounts after performed recapitulation. Missing information about bank account or change of the bank account during the academic year without notifying in writing St. George International School and Preschool will lead to obstructions in the financial calculations and the use of the e-Payment system by the parents/guardians.


  • The liability for payment shall incur upon signing a contract and/or Payment Plan. The availability or lack of availability of an invoice is not a reason for non-payment, as the due date is explicitly stated in the Payment Plan.


  • The main currency used to issue and invoices the fees is EUR, however being paid in Bulgarian levs (BGN) as per the exchange rate of the Bulgarian National Bank on the date of payment.


  • In case of transfer in foreign currency to the bank account of the school or the preschool, the amount shall be converted to BGN as per the buying exchange rate of UniCredit Bulbank AD on the date of payment. Hence the amount, subject to payment, will appear insufficient and outstanding balance will remain due, and it will be subject to penalties for delayed payment.


  • Change in the Payment plan, due to difficulties or failure to meet the payment deadlines – if you would like to change the payment scheme which was initially selected – such as number of installments, due dates, and such change may be possible after written request by the parents/guardians and further elaboration of the documentation needed. Change is possible only for installments which are to be invoiced and/or have not expired due date. The request for change is confirmed in writing to the Admission Department to the email Then a new Payment plan shall be signed which states the new installments and due dates, and an invoice for the payment of an administrative fee will be issued at the amount of 50 EUR, as a change in the conditions following contract signing has been requested.