Our aim is to provide world-class care and education to the children – facilities, educational resources, qualified teachers, and procedures creating an environment that encourages stability and development. This is associated with expenditures, which are yet not covered by the fees that the parents/guardians pay. These costs are undertaken by the owner of St. George International School and Preschool.

Upon signing of the tuition contracts, each family was offered to select a payment option corresponding to their desires and capabilities. In this regard, we are more flexible than other schools. In line with the best practice, a clause regulating overdue payments and relevant accrued penalties has always been included in the tuition contract. In 2020, we have invested in an ePayment platform that enables automation of processes pertaining to accrual and accounting of due and paid amounts and prompt information to the parents/guardians at all times. In regard to the epidemic situation as well as the lack of foreseeability of family expenses, we have postponed the implementation of the automatic accrual of penalties. It has been launched just in May 2021.

St. George International School and Preschool makes considerable investments aiming at delivering of information on the balance of payments between parents/guardians and school/preschool on a daily basis.

The developed ePayment Portal gives clear and precise information. Each parent upon signing of a tuition contract receives username and password for access to log in within 48 hours and choose personal password for access.


The Accounting Department of St. George International School and Preschool issues an invoice for each payment due (tuition fee, food fee, extracurricular activities, re-issuance of a card, water, protective masks, and others) that shall be displayed on the platform within 24 hours of its issuance.

The preparation of the academic year is a long process, which we address responsibly and professionally. The planning of the current academic year for the upcoming one begins in February and relevantly our liabilities to partner organisations and providers have certain deadlines. Meanwhile, the provision of funds for the remuneration of the teachers as well as the investments in their professional development is crucial so they could be calm and motivated to give their best to the children.

We are subject to supervision by the regulatory agencies, auditors, and certification bodies. In this regard, we could not freely change contracts and payments conditions.

We would like to assure you that our goal is not collecting money from penalties. We use this tool in order to establish a practice for observing of the due dates defined in the contracts – deadlines which the parents/guardians choose, but often do not keep. We are certain you understand that if everybody would pay when and as much as he/she likes, we could not plan our incomes, nor undertake obligations towards staff and partners and we would not be able to fulfill such obligations.

We strive constantly to enhance the opportunities which we offer to the children, to ensure calm and stimulating environment for them as well as for the teachers and therefore we need predictability and cash flow planning.

Below you will find systematic information about processes concerning contracts signing and payments as well as answers to frequently asked questions.